Tibetan Prayer Flags decorate our hotel and bring good luck

Look for the colorful display of prayer flags along the front of the hotel — they offer wishes for blessings for this home-away-from-home and for good luck to all who stay here.

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G.G.T. = Gangjong Gesar Tsang

Gangjong is a name for the Tibetan homeland. Its meaning is roughly “land of the snows,” and it is used by Tibetans to mean their spiritual and emotional home, rather than the political nation of Tibet, Phoe.

Gesar is a heroic, inspirational figure in the history of Tibet, who lives on in epic tales and song.

Tsang is a Tibetan word for family and home.

Together these words are an expression of the best in Tibetan culture, and of hope for the future of Tibet.

In 1995 Kalsang G.G.T. sought the blessings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who gave an auspicious beginning to Kalsang’s enterprise by inscribing and signing the papers bearing the symbol, pictured above, and name, Gangjong Gesar Tsang.

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Your Host is Kalsang G.G.T.

Kalsang and family welcome you and wish you “Tashi Delek” — a traditional Tibetan greeting.

Kalsang was born and raised in Eastern Tibet, “Land of the Snows,” in Kham. He left his native country to live in the Himalayan town of Dharamsala, India, before beginning a new life here in Vermont in 1993.

Now Kalsang welcomes you to G.G.T. Tibet Inn, and promises you a taste of traditional Tibetan hospitality in Vermont, his new “Land of the Snows.”

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